M9K specialties

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M9K specialties

Post by Peter Marsh (cr33zy speed on Sat May 18, 2013 7:58 am

I have already sent ron the link
but just for other people to know i like this weapons pack
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M79 Grenade launcher (animations)
EX41 China Lake
Milkor MGL
IED (left click to drop IED, right click to detonate)
Proximity mine
Timed C4 (left click to set time, right click to plant. WARNING! If timer is set to zero, the bomb will detonate in your hands!)
M61 fragmentation grenade (hold right click to throw gently)
Sticky Grenade (hold right click to throw gently)
M202 Rocket Launcher
Davy Crockett

Damascus sword (hold right click to guard against other sword attacks)
Fists (hold reload to guard against other punching attacks, taking only 25% of the damage.)

Nerve gas
Orbital Strike
Peter Marsh (cr33zy speed
Peter Marsh (cr33zy speed

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Re: M9K specialties

Post by JohnRyan on Sun May 19, 2013 1:26 am

Spent abit of time playing with this earlier and I think it'd be quite good for the server. Some of them are a little OP but they could be used for one of our random events like a TDM that goose was designing the other day. Some of them could be put into everyday use such as an expensieve IED for rebellions

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