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Server Rules!

Post by Ron Burgundy on Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:47 am

These are the official rules of 'Harbinger Gaming Role Play' and are never to be broken.

These rules are in no way permanent (Well some are.) so feel free to send me feedback on them as if you think something is maybe too strict, worded incorrectly or just downright stupid I will change it, so don't worry! Smile

Please read each rule carefully as not following them can make your time on HGRP short lived and nobody wants that. Be reminded that these rules are here to keep a fun and friendly environment for all the players to enjoy and by breaking the rules you ruin the fun for others, which is pretty pointless and unnecessary.

The Rules!

1) Don't talk about fight club.

2) There will be no: Prop spam, Prop surf, Prop kill, Prop push or Prop block. Prop climbing is for spastics so don't.

3) Random Death Match (RDM) Will not be tolerated, 3 strikes and you're out!

4) Arresting people at random is unacceptable and will not end well for those who perform this evil deed!

5) Being offensive in any way shape or form out of character is in no way needed and does not help any situation so don't be!

6) New life rule occurs on this server so if you die you stay dead, and take on the role of a new person; whomever that may be. This means you can't start telling cops you just got murdered...

7) FearRP, this is basic common sense. If somebody has a gun do as they say and don't attack them/make a break for it!
(Removed the 90% thing as people didn't understand it)

8 )
All citizens require a home, if you don't have a home you must be either a hobo or a combine and if you aren't then you will be having a chat with an admin/mod explaining why you aren't RPing!

9) If you are a shopkeeper of any sort then you must own a shop! (Who would have thought?) This also applies to BMD's who will need to have hideouts to sell their specialty items! Bankers cannot own their own printers legally.

10) Meta-gaming is not allowed. This means that you must not use OOC chat for IC related things. If somebody asks to meet with you in OOC, you cannot give your location and meet up as that is Meta-gaming!

11) Spamming the microphone is not very productive and unless you are screaming down the mic because you are getting stabbed IRL then don't do it.

12) Only certain jobs will be able to build on the street, this includes homeless people and combines with the Overseer's permission. Building stuff to climb over other peoples bases is also not allowed! If however an admin has said you can build on the street then feel free to do so, but don't make something rubbish!

13) Buying doors for the sake of it is a no-no, if you are found doing this all your doors will be sold and you will most likely be given a 'Jolly good thrashing!' so remember to sell up!

14) Using unrealistic materials on your props is not allowed as this server is supposed to be serious! This includes nearly anything that glows or flows and props that are only one way.

15) Do not try to deal with rule breakers if you are not a member of staff, contact one of the Mods/Admins/HeadAdmins or Owners through steam and tell them what your situation is, there is a list of staff members
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

16) Demoting people to steal their job will result in you getting banned... so don't do it.

17) Don't be a douche, troll or yeti. This means abide by the rules and don't piss people off for the sake of it.

18) Role play properly. Do not try to enforce the law as a shop keeper as that is not your job. Do not try to sell oranges as a cop as you are not a shop keeper, understood?

19) Do not pick sides with specific jobs, e.g Don't be a shop keeper who only sells to cops. But! If you are a black market dealer then you do not have to sell to the police as it is your job to dish out smuggled goods into the community and you don't want the police messing that up now do you?

Don't propkill propkillers as this just causes havoc and we won't be able to tell who the original propkiller is, so we will have to ban everybody.

21) If you demote somebody for any of the following reasons then you will be insta-demoted so be careful when demoting: Fail Demoting(Demoting somebody for the reason Billy or something else stupid) Demoting the wrong person. Demoting somebody unjustly or for revenge.

22) Everybody requires their own unique roleplay name, this means I don't want to see any XiQSXXxxNoSc0p3ZZzzzzXXiiwSds. We want names such as John Smith etc. (Maybe be a bit more creative)

23) Don't name steal!

24) As Mayor do not add laws that encourage rule breaking or you will be banned.

25) No Double dooring (a keypad within 2 meters of a normal door) , and no OP bases. You cannot have more than 1 keypad in a small space and no more than 4 in total for a large base.

You cannot raid constantly, take breaks of around 2-3mins between each raid.

27) Dropping your items and then changing jobs, and proceeding to pick them up again is job abuse. Also using your own weapons as a gun dealer/BMD is self supply so don't do that either! (You can use a pistol for self defence)

28) Do not raid people while they are building, if the player however has printers or stock inside their shop or base then they cannot claim they are building so feel free to raid them.

29) Please speak English on the mic, please also try to use English in OOC as it is an English speaking server.

30) If you think it might not be allowed it probably isn't some rules are basic common sense, so don't do stupid stuff.

31) Adverts are IC not OOC so don't advertise that you are selling illegal guns and then complain when you get arrested.

32) All Black-Market items are illegal all the time.

33) Hidden buttons are not allowed, all keypads/buttons must be in clear sight as they can cause problems - However, if they are used cleverly where the user may be able to find it/figure it out then they are allowed. (A clock on the wall that opens the door would be an example of something that is not allowed).

34)You must own all the doors in a building and cannot buy just one door in a home. It's a complete waste of space.

35)Killing yourself or leaving the server to avoid an admin earns an instant perma.

Car Rules

- Running people over randomly counts as RDM and will be treated accordingly.
- Using a battering ram on a moving car to get the driver out is counted as fail rp.
- Robbing a car is only allowed if you are part of the mob, cartel or you are a crook.
- Cars must drive on the left side of the road.
- If you are seen recklessly driving you may be stopped by an admin to prevent a possible outcome of RDM.

Text screen Rules

- Graffiti is not allowed, as this is not what the tool was implemented for.
- Offensive language is not allowed to be used.
- Using the text screens to put signs next to people ( such as he is an idiot ---> ) is counted as fail Rp.

Too be continued...

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